Girls Exploring the Universe!

July 8 - 12 2019, University of Virginia

This year's camp will include a 1-day trip to Green Bank Observatory, where we will get a chance to tour the famous Green Bank Telescope, which with a size of 100 meters is one of the world's largest radio telescopes. We will also get to use a smaller 40-foot telescope for our activities!  Other camp activities will include short presentations followed by hands-on activities, like galaxy hunting, crashing galaxies on a computer, generating real astronomical images (like on this page!), making solar systems, expanding and blowing up universes, exploring images from the world's best telescopes, building, launching, and operating a Mars rover, taking pictures with professional telescopes, (safely) observing the Sun through a telescope, and more!

Weather permitting, we will also have telescope viewing sessions at the U.Va Observatories for students and their families.